Why Primary Care?

Primary Health Care remains the center of a patient’s path toward managed acute and chronic diseases, as well as staying healthy. Having a primary care practitioner allows for all your health information to be reviewed and assessed by one office that knows you and your health goals.

“Emergi-centers” and “walk-up clinics” have their place in healthcare, but too often patients are misinformed that this is a sufficient way to take care of all their healthcare needs. These facilities are not designed for all inclusive follow up care including further evaluation i.e. labs, radiology and specialist referrals. Primary care practice fosters a practitioner-patient relationship which allows for management of acute and chronic diseases while understanding the patient’s health goals.

Advanced Primary Care Associates has open hours during the evenings and weekends to ensure our patients do not have to seek walk-up clinic care by a practitioner who doesn’t know them or their health history and goals. Advanced Primary Care Associates works hard to have you seen at times convenient to your busy life so you can have a competent and inclusive primary care experience, while still maintaining the flexibility and needs of our fast paced lives.

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